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The match print “TEC-HRO touch” has revolutionized the market in this sector!

No other trigger can be set as individually as versatile (5D!) – which is int. top shooters have long since recognized. Particularly advantageous is that the individual dimensions can be adjusted independently of each other, which is compared to other manufacturers a clear advantage Is.

In particular, the lateral removal option (up to 15mm on both sides) was rated as very positive by many experienced shooters, as the trigger can now be placed where it is most suitable for the trigger finger and not the other way around.

Due to its universal clamping, this deduction fits all sports weapons (Rifle and pistol!), which have a trigger rail! (FWB – Feinwerkabu, Anschütz, Steyr, Hämmerli, Walther, Bleiker, Grünig & Elmiger…)

During the development, various surface profiles of top shooters as well as of “club shooters” were tested – the profile was Pyramid contact points over 90% rated as the best – which then went into the series. The straight shape of the tongue (instead of bent) helps to “forgive” minimal deduction errors !

Due to this surface, the shooter has a very fine feeling (Touch) on the trigger finger (e.B. even in severe cold), which greatly favors the repeatability when triggering the shot.

Delivery with two O-rings, for even more accurate reproduciation of the finger position (optionally attached). Also excellent for Air pistol (e.B. Steyr LP10…) suitable !!

“who meets – is right”; in the Olympic final in Beijing, 3 shooters were in the final KK 3×40 (medal included) with the “touch” or “touch” respectively. “touch-point” at the start.

High-quality German quality production with first-class price/performance ratio!

The “TEC-HRO touch” deduction has been Innovation Excellent.

Deduction TEC-HRO touch point in VISOR 11/2006: VISOR verdict: Recommended! 

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